Clintonville is a special community with its tree-lined streets, parks, ravines and rich history. Preserving the charmĀ  and quality of life in Clintonville is a top priority of the CAC and presents many special challenges. Infrastructure improvements by the City of Columbus coupled with local issues regarding resident concerns and wishes keep the CAC an active participant in decisions affecting all Clintonville residents.

Local Issues Affecting Clintonville and it’s Neighbors

There are occasionally issues that are beyond the scope of the CAC but have a direct bearing on the quality of life of Clintonville residents. In these cases, CAC Commissioners may sit as Clintonville representatives on special boards created by the City or work in some other way to make sure that Clintonville residents are kept abreast of new information and are having their interests fully and ably represented.

In the event that a process does not include the CAC, Commissioners will remain active and act as interested citizens. Relevant information regarding these issues will be shared with the public at monthly CAC meetings.

Infrastructure Improvements in the Clintonville Area

As with many older communities, maintaining Clintonville’s infrastructure and keeping it up-to-date with changing state and federal codes, is an ongoing process. The City of Columbus often contracts with local engineering firms to head specific infrastructure improvements in the Clintonville area.